Thirteen was founded at the end of year 2006. Raynard, (ex-The Murder Robots) and Bobond (LoveHateLove) meet and share the idea to form a new group with the mission to present unique and innovative music which collide and complement with various metal groups.

It was then Bobond who starts to invite his friends to join the experiment in order to form a new group. Those friends are Echa (The Soul Shoes), Adit (The Soul Shoes), Dicky (ex-Pathetic) dan Rudy (Amakusa).

At the very beginning this new formation was named Devil May Cry but this name is rejected two times by Tom Myspace as the name Devil May Cry has already being used by other group. Therefore all members agree to rename the group to Thirteen.

At the early stage Thirteen was not running smoothly as Raynard was still engaged with his old group The Murder Robots. When Raynard decided to leave The Murder Robots, Thirteen started to roll and began to prove that they are quite serious in their music and started creating something “different” for their own pleasure.

Thirteen presents unconventional music, mostly with metal experiment mixed with unique beats, synth sound, guitar effect, accompanied with growl/scream and soft sound. At this moment Thirteen mostly plays its own compilation and The Devil Wears Prada acts as the cover song.

Thirteen has performed well in several gigs and event in Jakarta. The responses from the audiences are encouraging. Thirteen hopes to be able to continuously create good music with better lyrics, enhanced technical skill, improved stage performance and hopefully this will be achieved with the existing personnel formation.

At this moment Thirteen owns eight songs in the portfolio. The music and lyrics are fully self created and compiled. Many friends, fans and audiences often ask: “What is the style of your group?” Frankly speaking, Thirteen does not know the right answer because in every Thirteen song you will find many music elements such as Metal, Emo, Screamo, Disco, Punk, Jazz, Funk, etc. Thirteen will try not to follow certain music stream because Thirteen is happy to improvise and hope that the music will entertain broader audience. Therefore, we think our Genre may represent a mixed type of Experimental/Progressive/Electro or you can called it Whatevercore.

This is a short story and biodata of Thirteen and its personnel.
We always hope that whatever we do in the future will bring benefit to us and also excitement to all who loves our music.

Thank you for your interest on Thirteen
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indonesian version
Band asal Jakarta ini emang belum lama terbentuk. Tapi soal jam terbang nggak usah diraguin lagi. Udah banyak gigs yang mereka jelajahi dan nggak ada cerita tuh mereka kaku di panggung. Band ini digawangi oleh enam orang cowok yaitu Raynard (vokal), Bobond (gitar), Echa (gitar), Ruday (keyboard), Dicky Dukun (bass), dan Adit Maman (drum) ini beneran lagi kenceng di kancah metal lokal. Dengan berbekal lagu-lagu metal ekperimental, begitu mereka menyebutnya,terciptalah album bertajuk It’s All About Party Music and Friendship yang bulan Juni lalu resmi mereka lempar ke pasaran.
Singel andalannya adalah Cherry Pettite Rasberry. Lagu ini sukses membakar Spazio di Pim 2, pertengahan bulan Juli kemarin, saat mereka menggelar launching album. Nama Thirteen sendiri mereka ambil karena mereka percaya angka sial tersebut bakalan mereka jadikan sebuah keberuntungan. We’ll see..