Bearnie Boulder

Bearnie Boulder was formed in the middle of 2009.The mission to present unique and innovative music which collide and complement with various metal groups. After swelling to a full line up, we searched band name that's catchy, fun, and deadly at the same time. we found bearnie boulder and the rest..
Bearnie Boulder unconventional music, mostly with metal experiment mixed with unique beats, synth sound, guitar effect, accompanied with growl/scream and soft sound.
At this moment Bearnie Boulder mostly plays asking alexandria acts as the cover song.
Bearnie Boulder arising from UNDERLAMP scene with heartpumping teenage hormons ready to rock the stage and doing all they can to have fun. Bearnie Boulder is here to have a good time, come and join them. struggle to create song so different genree, simple, but still dirty and good for listen.
Bearnie Boulder hopes to be able to continuously create good music with better lyrics, enhanced technical skill, improved stage performance and hopefully this will be achieved with the existing personnel formation.

Bearnie Boulder has performed well in several gigs and event in Salatiga. The responses from the audiences are encouraging.
This is a short story and biodata of Bearnie Boulder. We need your support maybe on your way.

Dana Codet-Vocals
Try Wocc- Guitar
Dana Sem - Guitar
Idub Kedup - Bass
Lucki - Drums
Rika Ferdy - Synth Keys