11 July, 2010

Killing Me Inside

Killing Me Inside


The band Killing Me Inside or always refers to as Killms began in the early year of 2006 with the formation; Sansan as the vocalist, Raka and Josaphat as guitarists, Onadio as the bassist and Rendy on drums. in the mid ’08, Raka left Killing Me Inside to join another band because of some reason. later in that year, entering 2009, after a few gigs and tours, Sansan and Rendy left the band as well for some reason (read blogs for more details).

The band’s latest formation is as follow; Onadio as the vocalist, Josaphat on guitar, Agung on bass and Davi to replace Rendy on drums. The band now has one album and is working on another one, coming soon.


  1. a letters of memories
  2. awake
  3. black and white
  4. blessed by the flower of envy
  5. come on girl we’ll burn money in vegas
  6. diary of past away
  7. don’t look back
  8. forever
  9. let it go
  10. prelude
  11. torment
  1. a letters of memories (DEMO)
  2. the tormented (balanced)
  3. suicide phenomena (semi mixed)

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